Honda CBR 1100XX for sale

Hi folks,

I hope I’m allowed to cross post here.

Selling a 2000 Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird with 22k miles here on ebay:

Open to reasonable offer from LBers directly to de-list on eBay.


nice…would think 3k be nearer the price on buy it now, as plenty around that including luggage

whover buys it will get a good bike

i miss my blackbird cant wait till can get another one

Surprisingly agile and hustly for such a big bike. The only bike I’ve ever spun the rear up on (wet metal expansion strip on a bridge). And that’s not for lack of trying.

The bike i always wanted but ended up with a VFR800 :frowning: its a good bike but comes 2nd to the Blackbird.


I test rode a blackbird … but bought the X11 naked instead … I needed the wind blast to tell me when fast was to fast :smiley:

the police generally do that for me :D:D

would love the money to buy a 2nd 'bird

best flog my zxr