Honda CBF600 two tone

new summer colours for the naked CBF600

I cant make up my mind if i want this or the faired???

ps who said CBFs are ugly?

Yeah saw that colour scheme in Dribbles a while back, not bad; but not quite as cool as a red/white CB1300…

The New Red for 07 is the way to go

Get shot of the pillion grab handles, they look fugly imo

If they’ve got the faired two-tone, fab. If not, go for the faired anyway

no faired two-tone…

i got a call from chiswick honda again saying theyd drop the new faired by £500 for me…

but i cant make any decisions yet as i havent heard back about my promotion yet !!!

The faired ones are fugly IMO… Nekkid is the way to go

Go the whole hog and get the CBF1000, its faired and its a beauty but remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder its even got the lovely grab handles…

and a pic of the Thou from the front and back just to get you moist, Look at them twin cans Ooooer its gorgeous

Tis a lovely looking beastie indeed…

looks really nice but for someone that has just passed his DAS a few months back i dont think a litre bike is a good idea.

But it is def something i will look into in a couple years down the line, who know there might be an new CBF coming out?