Honda CBF600 service

just got a quote of ~ 350 for the 16.000 mile service… :pinch: :ermm:

does this sound right? there goes my xmas bonus :blink:

Ooooh Ouch! (I’ve no idea how much you should be paying. Sorry.)

is that the hornet?

if so ive got service parts for it that im selling if your interested. :wink:

no the CBF600 (not the CB600F :wink: )

If you go by the book… sounds about right for a dealer. You don’t have to got to Honda, you could try Les.

They share the same engine and most of the parts.

Nuts (26/11/2007)

If you go by the book… sounds about right for a dealer. You don’t have to got to Honda, you could try Les. here, Les will look after you and not charge a fortune, mention LB.

hmm ok will give him a call tomorrow… anyone else been to him?


It sounds consistent. I paid £140 for a 6 month service on my CBF600 which amounted to not much more than an inspection, oil change and wash.

Had work done by Les, he is thorough, and knows what he’s doing - best of all he’s very reasonable!

Call him, well worth a trip to Twickers

i think he may well be serviceing my bike, i know sony had his duke done by him, he rates him!:slight_smile:

Thanks Guys… just called Les and WOW what a diff in price!

Keti… will take your advice and do the oil,filter (and brakes if needed) on my own! Ill let you know if i make a mess :pinch:


Cautionary word… Many manufacturers warranties require all the service work to be carried out to their specifications by a V.A.T. registered garage for the warranty to remain valid. So by doing part of a service yourself you may void the warranty. I know it’s [email protected]%k :frowning: . I have also heard tales of warranties being invalidated by the use of a generic oil filter rather than the over priced manufacturers branded part…

Heard recently that a certain Honda dealer in South London has told someone that their warranty is now invalid as they have not had the bike serviced on the time interval (6 months) rather than waiting for the mileage interval of 4,000 miles - incidentally that bike had an oil change whilst in for accident repair… but apparently that does not count… even that’s pretty much they do on a service these days - see how pretty much everything is listed as “check” or “inspect”!!!

All my bikes are well out of warranty so do them myself now anyway. When I get another new bike I will get it garage serviced.

thanks Biggus.

The bike (as you’ll know :wink: ) is out of manufacture warranty, although I did go for a GAP warranty… so will check with them as soon as I get home and phone them.

@Keti: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (just in case) :smiley:

Ahhhh it’s a silver one then… :wink: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

just took the bike to Les yesterday and what a difference!

feels really tight and smooth!

he mentioned that somehow on of the carbs wasnt in place correctly so I effectively had an inline 3!!! (does that make it a Triumph!? :stuck_out_tongue: :ermm:) No it seems like it pulls better aswell!

anyways top man!!!