Honda CBF600 NA 2011 Service Intervals

Hi all,

Just wondering, does anyone know the service intervals for the Honda CBF600 NA, 2011 model?

I want to know at which mileage the services should be done…


magic magic google will tell you, you will probably even find a PDF of the workshop manual if you can be arsed .

Looked a bit but couldn’t find anything.

Saw a couple of pdfs in dodgy websites… so I thought I should ask here.

Mr Panagiotis had one I think.

I think Haynes do a manual for it.

I had a Hornet which has basically the same engine and parts - the official service schedule for the crucial stuff was as follows: (I expect the cbf will be identical)

Every 8000 miles/12 months (whichever comes sooner) oil and filter change - although most people including myself prefer to change oil every 4000 miles/6 months

Every 12000 miles/18 months (whichever comes sooner) renew air filter/brake fluid.

Every 16000 miles/two years (whichever comes sooner) renew spark plugs and adjust valve clearances.

Every 24,000 miles/two years (whichever comes sooner) change the coolant.

Just to give you an idea - obviously confirm the figures for the cbf via Haynes/workshop manual.

The manual is here - follow the link at the top of the page - it’s the fifth and last manual in the row.

Thank you very much… exactly what i needed!!!

No worries :slight_smile: