Honda CBF125 2009

For sale is my CBF125!
This is a great all round bike and has served me well
This will beat 99% of 125’s away from the lights (even the CBR125)

It still has warranty until April 2011 but it’s unlikley you are ever going to need it because this is a Honda afterall.

Whever it is to get you through winter or a bike to learn gears on
This bike has 4,800 miles on the clock. The engine still young and unabused.
Full service history.
I’ve changed the oil every 1,000 miles.
Tyres are in great condition.

I have added a 12v socket which you can use to charge your phone or satnav while riding.
I also have handguards which do a decent job of deflecting the wind from your knuckles while riding.
Exhaust was VHT paint coated. Normally CBF125 exhaust turn brown, but not this one.

This bike can get 200 miles on one tank & returns 120MPG. (That’s London to Leeds on one tank!)
It starts first time, every time.
No need for an MOT! Until April 2012
Taxed until April 2011

It’s in great condition. No rust.
However there is a scrape on the side fairing which is reflected in the price

Unfortunatly I’m selling this because I have 2 other big bikes now & I really need space.
I will genuinly miss this bike.

Any questions please ask.

This is the only bad part but it has been touched up with some touch-up paint.
As you can see from the big photos, it’s not really noticeable.

Advertised elsewhere at a higher price.