Honda CBF oil change / advice


It’s time for an oil and filter change on my Honda CBF500, I didn’t realize that I’ve put quite a few miles since the last oil change already.

No idea what to put on, any recommendations? Not that I race the bike or anything like that, but I want to put the fine stuff. Only the best for my “Lola”, she is a spoiled b***h.

Thanks in advance

Anything 10w40 from a brand you recognise (Putoline, Silkolene, Castrol etc.) and an SAE on the back (which anyone reputable will have) will be fine. But use motorbike oil and not car oil, since car engine oil doesn’t need to deal with clutches or gearboxes. Same for the filter, really.

Especially on an engine as unstressed/relaxed as the CBF’s the regularity of the oil and filter changes is much more important than the precise quality of the oil you use, once it’s good enough to meet the standards.

Thanks man but I got lost here" and an SAE on the back…" :D:D a what???

Oh, sorry, I meant to say “SAE Logo”. SAE is a body that accredits standards of things relating to engines, and one of those is engine oils. They define the ‘<number>W<number<>’ standard, and having either SAE or JASO (their Japanese equivalent) on the label basically means it’s not-**** and there’s a good chance it works as well as it ought to.

Local Halfords …

4L of Castrol Power 1 Racing 4T 10W/40
Champion COF104 or F308 oil filter (pretty sure those are the standard fitment across the entire Honda range)

… off the shelf and your good with a little rattle left from a hard earned £50.00 or, maybe invest in a new sump plug crush washer with the rattle :wink:

Or save yourself a blue beer voucher and get the Halfords own brand motorcycle oil or, any other fully or part synthetic SAE 10W/40 engine oil that meets the JASO T904-MA or MA2 standard (a Japanese standard meaning its suitable for wet clutches).

Read the information on the label on the back of the container :wink:

Cheers guys! I really appreciate. Learning things everyday!

Halfords it is…

I’ve a CBF500 as well. Halfords own Semi Synthetic oil + a Filtrex Filter or HiFlo filter. Takes around 20 minutes to change. Take your time, put news paper down for drips/leaks and you’ll have a clean floor too!

just don’t drop the oil plug when you take it out!

Just noticed

5L of the Halfords semi synthetic 10w40 motorcycle engine oil sells at £28.99 (that’s £5.80 per litre)

where as

4L of the Castrol semi synthetic 10w40 motorcycle engine oil sells at £37.99 (that’s (£9.50 per litre)


Oh yes, I’ll be changing my oil filter in the next couple of weeks at the weekend if you want to see it being done and copy someone? I’m in SE2, near Abbey Wood if that helps.

Thanks makman, very nice of you, but I have to take the bike to the shop to install an exhaust and heated grips, not sure I will be able to wait so long! So I might just pay the extra bit for the oil and filter change.

How ofter you guys change the oil?

Ever three thousand miles or 12 months. Whichever happens first. The new 500cc Honda engines have 8000mile intervals but still 12months.

Yes, Honda recommends engine oil and oil filter service intervals of 8,000 miles or every 12 months for my 2006 CBF1000. Although, in my opinion, with modern oil technology and if your in town riding is minimal then you’d probably be safe in letting the service interval over run by up to 25%.

The reason for the ‘every 12 months’ is because additives within the oil absorb by-pass gasses which cause the additives to breakdown overtime.