Honda cbf 125 theft repair help

Hi guys,

I’m pretty novice on the inner how to’s of fixing anything to do with my honda cbf 125 but last night someone tried to steal it they didn’t get very far but still managed to break the steering lock and ignition barrel. I also thought when pushing it back that the handlebars seem to move further now than before? Any advice on how to at least replace the ignition barrel so I can at least get back on to the road. Is it a job I could do just by following some instruction or do I really need to hand it over to someone who knows?

Any advice would be really appreciated.


eBay is your friend, pretty sure a Haynes will have it all laid out out for you.Pr

I don’t know how trained you are.but I would be taking in to either a trusted garage or a Honda itself.

Sorry to hear about attempted theft. Mind me asking where in London it happened and how?

barrel lock is easy, disconnect the wires (there should be a connector somewhere) the worst part that was on my yamaha wr125x, you have to get rid of two bolts holding the barrel, the heads are just round, you cant use a screwdriver or anything, so basically, you have to drill them. Then, remove old one, put a new one, screw it with  any other same diameter and length bolts, connect barrel to ignition, and off you go. About the lock, it depends how did they broke it, either the barrel, or the thingy on the frame. Mine was thingy on the frame, crowbar helped to fix it :slight_smile: Good luck in fixing yours, mate :slight_smile:

and there you go: