Honda CB650F air filter

Hi. I’ve just started a motorcycle maintenance course at Hackney college. Week 1 is bringing in a new air filter for your bike and learning how to fit it.

The filters I can find seem to be about £40, which is a bit steep, especially as the one in the bike has only some 1700 miles.

Anyone know of any filters that fit a cb650f? Anyone fitted one?


Try Wemoto
Or if your bike doesn’t need it just refit the old on its basically the same method as fitting a new one
And tell your teacher your bike doesn’t need a new air filter and £40 is a lot of beer money

What wise said! Read your owners manual you might have one that can be cleaned with an air gun too so could give it a clean just make sure you do it the same way airflow goes through it

Thanks. Yes, pretty much what I was thinking re remove and refit existing one.

Owners manual doesn’t specify air filter and says get your dealer to change it. But does make clear shouldn’t try to clean it.

The air filter is changed at one of the services which are usually every 4000 miles for a Honda so it’d be a waste to change it at 1700 miles. The Haynes manual will give more information. With regards to Honda parts, there is a parts counter at Chiswick Honda where they can order anything, even an individual bolt. Check the price there first as some parts are cheaper than you think and less hassle than ordering online.