Honda CB1100 RS 2017/2018 with A2 license

Hi everyone,

I’m moving to London at the end of September 2018 and would like to buy the Honda CB 1100 RS (either the 2017 or 2018 model). I hold a German A2 license, which I gather can be used in UK. I’ve read online that there are new rules with regards to power restrictors recently. My question is, is it still possible for me to buy and use the bike (with power restrictor to 35 kW) with my A2 license? 

Also, any recommendations for a good bike shop/workshop for this?


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I don’t believe that bike can be restricted to A2 power. As far as I recall, the original power cannot be more than double the A2 power. Anyone else confirm this?

If I’m wrong then I would suggest you get a proper Honda dealer to do the work. 

I’d also suggest you look at how much this would cost on top of the cost of the bike? It might be cheaper for you to do your full bike test in the UK and then not have any restrictions.

I would say possible 

but your biggest concern would be inssurance

Shakes head, why would anyone want to do that?

For the time being you may be able to drive motorcycles in the UK on your EU Category A2 license that are restricted to 35 kW or 47bhp providing the factory tune was no more than 70kwh or 94bhp. Note there are additional restrictions on age and residency as well as on how you obtained your EU License. This could, but like everything else, is unlikely to change after Brexit.

As much as it pains me to recommend a main dealer, any Honda main dealer would be best placed to do the restriction to 47bhp.


Thanks for your kind comments!

No you carnt

oh yes you can :wink:

Oh no you can’t :wink:

According to Honda it puts out 66KW in stock form, so as that’s less than double the 35KW A2 licence limit, I don’t see why not.

But as they say, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I can’t imagine it’s a lightweight bike so likely to be somewhat sluggish once restricted.

If you are old enough why not just do your A licence then to hell with restrictions? You’ll have it for life so long as you don’t hoon it too much. Under the old rules I met a chap who was riding a strangled R6 for 2 years. I never saw the point of that really.

Full Category A licence is the way to go. As a spotty 15 year old I applied for my Category A test at the same time as my provisional licence. Couldn’t wait to get a ‘proper bike’ and I was thrashing Honda CB750 fours around as part of my day job just 12 weeks after my 16th birthday :wink: