Honda CB1 - £450


I am putting up both bikes for sale, where one goes first, I will keep the other to use over the winter (at least, that’s the plan).

Honda CB1 400cc
1990 Model, H-Reg
6 Months TAX
11 Months MOT
59K on the clocks (likely about 45k of that was in Km’s, the odometer now reads miles)

Starts, stops, rides as it should. Sounds gorgeous.
Tremendously reliable and great fun to ride in London.
The ride is exactly the same as when I first rode it (5k miles ago).
It is 21 years old so isn’t in perfect condition but has never, ever let me down. Even when I left it for 5 weeks without touching it!

Owned since January 2011.

All consumables are OK although could probably benefit from an oil change now.

Rack is included on the bike although rear seat can’t be removed with it on (had no need to take the seat off).

£450 secures, no offers considered. Collection from Egham, just outside the M25.

Picture attached.



would do miss plum that there cb1 nice cheap winter hack to abuse on salty roads :smiley: good luck with the sale

For such a cheap bike, I’m surprised theres no interest! Don’t make me Ebay it!!! :frowning:

To put things into perspective, I’ve owned approximately 36-40 bikes in my 8 year biking career. And on average, keep them for maybe 3-4 months each. I’ve had this nearly 9 and took it down from sale a couple of times because I couldn’t let go. It is that much fun. Everyone says it about the CB1’s.

Sure it’s not perfect cosmetically but mechanically, she works a dream!!

Any chance of taking a look at this tomorrow???

Id be interested in that cb1 mate just what im looking for ill pm you with contact details



Sold, sold, SOLD!!!

Enjoy man…soon you’ll have a bigger bike again. Or maybe, like me, you won’t…you’ll get sucked into the ancient charm of the CB and keep it for longer than planned :d

cheers man, its pretty fun weaving around the traffic etc on this :D. Il get a gixxer again when they arent ripping me off on insurance