Honda CB 125

Its been it the garden covered for 2 years as Ive been abroad. Ill take what you give! Im located in Haringey. Call me 07812819750

Some one must take it? Its a clean bike, nothing dodgy I have all papers! Its been SORN just needs some attention and a warm new home…:slight_smile:

PM sent

Replied :slight_smile:

And to anyone else interested. When I say “attention” i mean it has a possible dead battery thats why I couldnt start it. Before i left abroad it was working and starting perfectly. The bike was bought from a member off here.

PM sent

pm sent but ps what year is it?

its a 2002 model. The brakes have also seized. im knocking £100 off the price as im leaving in near a week.

£200 take and go price :slight_smile:

SOLD! Someone got a proper bargain…:slight_smile: