Honda CB 1000R XESS - eXtreme European Streetfighter Styling

Okay, so we missed the boat on this one. Back at the end of December Honda released details of their XESS CB1000R, but when a bike looks as good as this, I think it’d be a crime to not publish the details and let everyone see.


Ooooh thats hot, nearly made me dribble :smiley:

DDDDAAAMMMN!!! im really feelig fighters at the mo…i want one!

I was checking out the honda site on the new CB1000R and thinking it was quite a striking bike. With these add-ons it sure does look purty.

I like it in white

I’m fancying one of these as my next bike but it seems Honda haven’t released a UK price yet:(

Does anyone know when this great bike is launched into the European market???:slight_smile: