Honda Blackbird

Hi, can any owners past or present tell me any advantages / disadvantages between the models.


Fi models were slightly detuned and dont have the “growl” of the carbed ones they are also newer, most carb owners rate theirs better than Fi ones :slight_smile: carb has a 2 litre smaller tank but both will give 200 miles tank range also both will get into “party” mode with ease, mileage isnt a problem go for condition mines got 65000 on it and still going strong, if you wanna try it gissa shout :smiley:

Cheers Steve.

A mate of mine is after one and wanted to know the differences.

Is their anything to watch out for when buying used…Any recalls or anything to be aware of?

I heard some people suffer with the riding position, but it just affects some.

We’re going to and have a look at a few this week.

Thanks for your help.

I’m far too bias to give an useful opinion on the Blackbirds… :smiley:

can be a bit wrist heavy and popular mod is bar risers from jaws and double bubble screen dont tend to have problem with comfort 600+ miles in a day, no recalls that I know of, usual Honda rec/reg probs check its been changed usually and upgraded one around £75 from jaws also some have probs with camchain tensioners 20 minute fix hope that helps :slight_smile:

I got the 2000 reg fi, dont think it makes much dif:, common prob, is like steve said reg,rec, and loom fix did all my self,service and work me self, easy to work on great all day all year bike, might find en a bit top heavy,

but like all things get use to it, soon ride it like a sports bike LOL

yeah but you got a sloooow “black” one :D:D:D:D

I’ve got an 07 Fi and did 195 “sporty” miles on one tank on Sunday.

I’ve fitted the bar risers and also the peg lowering kit and now find it’s spot on.

I’m hopeing to get my PCIII set up this week to lean off the fuel and then I should be around Carb levels of fuel consumption :wink:

Thanks guys :smiley: