Honda alarm and 600rr Seat cowl

I recently got hold of a 03/04 CBR600RR seat cowl for my 06 plate bike. The cowl seems to fit fine etc but when the alarm arms itself it beeps for about 30 seconds before the alarm goes off. I can’t seem to stop this happening without placing the pillion seat back on.

Has anyone else had similar experiences and does anyone know of any ways to rectify?

Many thanks

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly but I’m guessing your alarm circuit contains a limit switch which is a sprung loaded trigger that is held down by your seat. This is there to make the alarm go off if anyone tries to remove your seat.

I’m guessing that your new seat cowl is not pressing down on the limit switch as the seat would and is therefore setting the alarm off.

You need to locate the switch and either move it so its in contact with the seat cowl or cable tie it so it’s in the depressed position- but remember this will compromise your bikes security.

Hope this helps:)