Well…what a day…ive just got home …got a cuppa in my hand and having a dam good look back at the briliant day ive just had…

i am absolutly knackard but also glowing at the fact that the whole day went without any major dramas…`

big thankyou to all that made it today…and all those who stuck to the cornerman system…even on the way home…

to matt and macp for leading and tail end charlie…

and i hope everybody feels the same way i doo…


fuzzy smiled.

Also home safe, good rideout, Nice pace for those who wanted to, and everyone seemed to use the cornerman system ok (apart from a few hiccups at the start)… Cheers for a good day… And the rain held off

Home safe and sound aswell - Beer in hand (do it properly shane) had a great day today, i’m bloody knackered - and can’t believe i got my knee down with my missus on the back!!!

Can’t wait to see all the pictures (ian - your’s are good - cos there’s none of me )

I too am home safe, thanks for a great day out
It was so nice to meet even more new people!
I am sooooo tired now, LOL


graet day out first ride of the season…heres to many more…now wheres me beer

Just got home (spent some time witnessing with LMT at the Ace

I’m with you Shane, I was just thinking to myself what a wonderful weekend I’ve had

its been great! i think i even got sunburnt?!

A great day!

Brilliant day, thanx everyone involved with the organizin etc I’ve never enjoyed me biking so much, Thanx LB for miles of pleasure

Now time to have a Beer & chill

Thanks from me to. Had a great day

Oi - i think its time you changed your avatar - as we only ever see you on the ‘faired’ Blade now - crossed over from the EVIL streetfightering side!!!

Thanks for a brilliant day everyone! Really enjoyed it and couldn’t think of a better way to get acquainted with my bike than on a ride with a good bunch of friends

Looking forward to the next one already. More witnessing next time Sherrie

Like I’d have a fckin Hnda for me avatar it’s my practise bike, somethink that I can abuse till I master the art

" More witnessing next time Sherrie "

You two are worse then dogs on heat!!

It’s the sight of all you boys in leather that does it

I’d say you’ve almost got the art of riding!!

ooh yes, loads of totty today!

home now what a great day i had out im now knackered but it was worthwile


wot you larfing at ? Almost is cool with me