home safe

hope everyone on the france trip got home safe and well

what took you so long getting home everybody got home last night but you seem to have just got home from your post, did you phone your mate pieere and get back on the eurostar again to spend a night with him and come back this afternoon,

pieere pieere give it to me

OUI OUI oh ross my little onion… Ginge you kill me

yeah well he didnt put a time of when he got back and his post said home safe,

so ross has made a new friend and also lost his camera so the proof that adam walked out the bar stark bollox naked will never be shown

unfortunatley i saw adam walk out the bar naked, but it must have been a bit chilly out

did you offer to put it somewhere warm for him…

Ross has pierre called u? or is this the end of what could of been your future hubby

he hasnt repiled yet so he must have gone back their again to be with pieere

so your sayin he loves it up the euro tunnel eh ginge???