home safe and sound...

just to let you all know,my baby’s home safe and sound after her ordeal…

her eyes lit up as i came round the corner of the compound,and we both had a moment with each other after being re united…

she’s so looking forward to seeing all her freinds on weds and is pleased to be home were i have just tucked her in safley and said goodnight.

i have also promised to spoil her rotten over the next few weeks and vowed to never ever let that happen again…i think im forgiven…lol…

so goodnight from gobby,and she’ll see ya’ll tomorow…

very pleased smiled.


did she ask you take them skateboard wheels off her side yet??

are you playing soothing music for her while she sleeps? bit SK8R boy by avril

good news dude!


well pleased for ya mate…


luvly dubly

Shane am so happy for you…

now go sort that tracker out!!!

Thats such good news mate very pleased!

nice one babes - see you tonight then

Pleased to hear you got your P+J back mate.

What are you going to do to ensure the filthy tea-leaves don’t try and nick it again?

ahhh shane mate how sweet. Did you shnuggle up with her in the garden to keep her company over night

Really glad to hear that buddy - excelent news

take care and i’ll see ya tonight for a good ol smoothie

try hooking it up tp your mains and giving the little souls a little shock if they try it again, chuffed ya got it back.

Hope the moment you shared wasn’t to special

Nice one Smiled, there is only one way to show your baby you really, really lover and keep her safe!
Now not even I can keep my baby in my room everyday and girlfriends don’t like it for some odd reason (but tuff) but if you can put your gixxer in your house photos to follow


YES the rooms a mess
YES I have to many toys/junk
but just LOOK AT HER shes all warm

Wish I could do that!
Great news, glad she’s home safe and sound and you’ve had your ‘moment’ of togetherness again

Da Artist you nutter what do when you’ve been out for a ride and it rains?

I have a two car garage theres always space for her in there, but if she’s in the garage I have to check she’s still there just before I go to sleep and as soon as I wake up