Home Coming !!

Yep…Barro,s Baby is home and hes no longer bikeless !!

feels good !!

Big up the Banana !!!

I love the matching Flowers growing out the front !!!..

“Westie” had to be …Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


size 2.JPG


Congrats mate, look forward to seeing at at BMM


You posted this Thursday but you were on it Wednesday?

Just late posting up? Didn’t realise It had just come back ( was that from attempted theft ages ago? )

But it looked fantastic in the flesh.

Yep…late post mate…always late…

Posted for someone that wanted to see a pic of it and yes its back from going awol for a bit !!

What exactly did i do?

glad u finally got it back

looks lovely

Figured it out now

That picture was taken at Borough (in front of the flower shop)

Thought you’d had Westie’s Scooter shop do the repairs on it & that was it in the shop!

very nice

That is one cracking looking bike Barro, makes mine look a little bland

Cheers peeps…

yes that was in front of the flower shop and that tub of flowers got mysteriously closer to the bike as the night went on…I thought it was our Westie having fun !!

YYYAAAYYYYYY!!! The Banana Is on our roads again…