Home CCTV advice please

I after a good quality home CCTV security system. I think I’ll need at least 4 outdoor cameras, and one indoor camera in the garage.

I will also want either a few indoor cameras on my front and maybe rear windows facing out so I can get a good clear recording of peoples faces, or some covert cameras outside set at an appropriate height to get a clear recording of faces.

I reckon I’ll want motion detection and recording, else I will waste a lot of disc space recording nothing.

All advice gratefully received.

I’ve used a swann system in the past, does all you have mentioned though hadn’t looked into covert cameras.
Not 100% sure I’d install one, currently not using in my current abode, as it kinda stresses you out every time a fox or some other creature sets them off and unless there is good light or you spend money on a very good system the nighttime footage is pants and all you get is a video of someone stealing your stuff that the police will probably not even look at.


One of the guys at my office has a HikVision with 8 cameras going wants (I think) about £200 for it. They are the nuts I have hikvision for my house just not got round to setting it back up since I moved…

Let me know if you’re interested.

Yes, I’m very interested. I would need to know the full details so I can research if it will fit my needs. This might take time as I know nothing about CCTV so far.

Thank you.

big big big vote for hikvision here. we use their cameras and server at work.

Indeed. I have a video clip of my Brompton being stolen from my building’s bike room. I can’t quite bring myself to delete it, because it is evidence, it just sits there on my hard drive mocking me and reminding me I once had a very nice Brompton.

Yep, they’re good, and REOLINK cams.

Check out eufy cams they are made by anker, face recognition, wireless camera on there own wireless network. Battery lasts ages, they do doorbell cams and flood light too i have had mine for a year now i also have the door sensors too

Martin, Spotted this today. Reputable shop so easier to take it back if you don’t like it.

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I actually bought the above Swann system on Sunday myself. Only went on the website to buy a £1 bucket but it was a system I’d looked at in the past and this particular price (I paid £260) seemed good value.

If anyone would like an initial impressions of these in the coming weeks or any general questions regarding them I’d be happy to answer

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Thank you Mian. It looks like most of the fee for getting this set up is the physical installation. I may look into buying higher quality equipment and installing it myself.

My pal bought those Blink ones and says they’re fine. Certainly easy to set up. He hooked them up to solar panels via USB instead of batteries. Think it’s all cloud based, but motion sensor etc

Martin, you really will get better bang for your buck if you do it that way. I set mine up using a imported DVR and was still easy enough.

Sure there is plenty of people on here happy to offer advice if needed (me included).

Solar or cloud panels?

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