Have you read some of the comments?
Some people on there seem to believe that cars don’t have to give way to pedal cyclists :ermm:
There really are some terrifyingly stupid people in the world

That is horrifying, made me quite ill watching that…

Doesn’t it??

That was a bit deep considering the cyclist wasn’t doing anything wrong.


must say court date set to September because the court cant play .mov wtf they spend thousands on computers and they cant play .mov

This kind of bull **** really irritates me. Surely someone could just burn it to DVD in a number of minutes and then use it in the court??

It’s not like there probably isn’t a laptop somewhere that can do that, or even playing it from a laptop via a projector or something.

Of course though, lawyers need to get paid (a lot) and the longer they can drag things on for, the more they get.

Anyway, please pass on, share and help educate.

Holy CRAP!!!

i shared this on my facebook the other day…fair do’s to the lad in the golf for pleading guilty he obviously knew he’d made a mistake and took what was coming to him,as for the woman* who proceeded to run over the downed cyclist that sort of pig ignorant oblivious and dozy driver does’nt surprise me in the slightest…add the cheek to deny any wrong doing and the usual ‘i did’nt see you’ is a load of crap when the accident happened right in front of her before she pulled out.

*i’m not against women drivers pleanty of blokes cannot drive for ****

oh did i hear the cyclist drop the comment to the lady in the focus ‘should have gone to spec savers’ :laugh: shame the rider cannot tell the difference between a fiesta and a focus :Whistling:

horrific mess, yeah the comment that it was a much the cyclist’s fault as the motorists :crazy: what a tosspot.

I hate cyclists, they don’t pay road tax or insurance but yet he’s so quick to ask for the drivers details, tell me something, do cyclists have brakes because they don’t f*cking use them:w00t::Whistling:

I don’t wanna sound like a twat, but that is a Focus. I know cos I have one . . . . .