holy crap !!!!!

holy crap did anyone read the mcn today THAT DESMOSEDICI !!! hell im still nursing wood .

what a work of art !!!

Piggy bank is looking rather empty…

waiting for those 6 numbers!!!

What, the new Ducati that we broke the news about first?

It’s amazing, we all want one!

what a beaut and how crazy is that exhaust coming out of the top of the seat . wickid !!!

SIGH!!! they just dont understand do they. lol

im may be bike porn but its still a duke…

if you dont clean it 3 times a day its will not start…

aaaahh dont beleive that my mates got a 749 and it starts every time hmmmm it is very very clean though. lol

Mine starts every time and must be self-cleaning.

And thank god…they have got rid of those horrid lights (999,749,etc models) No offence to those who own them!!!

Have you looked at the zorsts though? How cool are they?!

I love those lights!

The bike has started every time & doesn’t get washed much. Mind you, it did get a liberal coating of ACF-50 when a few days old.

Mind you, I probably wouldn’t commute on my Desmosedici, not every day anyway.

I’ve never really know the 8s so prefer the stacked lights of the 9s. But I wouldn’t kick the GP Rep out of bed for farting

have you seen the proposed1200 back to the 916 style headlight way to go that looked sweet as well a nice combo of old and new

Are you talking about the MCN pics?
I thought it was a mockup, shunted together from 916, 999 & a CBR!!!

still looked good though…

Just what I was about to say.

have to says yours in black looks the feckin nuts firsts ive seen in black did you change it?

Stick a Honda badge on it and I might be tempted

lol !!!

The pics of the 1200 looked OK but not Italian.

Cheers Chad, nope, standard for 2006, they ditched the yellow. Wise move I reckon, but then I would say that!