Any of you guys got any holidays booked? Ride outs abroad, sun seeking with the missus or touristy trips?

I’m going to Egypt in September, anyone been?

Gate crashed my boyfriends work trip to Portugal and got back last night, it was only for a few days but I’ve got the holiday blues and just want to be back by the beach :frowning:

Where are you going?

Egypt is great
The airports not so

Going to Spain start of July. Haven’t been abroad for years!

Also talk about taking the bike to a MotoGP event (Brno I think) end of Aug, but I don’t know for sure yet :slight_smile:

Going to Devon. …oh yeah! living the dream! :ermm: To be fair…holiday funds are paying for Reading Festival (could’ve had a 2 week all inclusive beach jobby for the money these festivals cost!) Still can’t frigging wait though!

Just over 2 weeks away from a trip to blighty :smiley: Second week will be touring the Alps with Rob, Paul, Pat and Gavin :slight_smile:


California dreaming :cool:

Got my dates booked havent the foggiest where I will go as will just pick a last minute deal or will just spend 2 weeks on the bike going any direction I fancy

Everyone I know who went has got sick too… I really want to see the pyramids!

Egypt is fantastic, I too was worried about getting sick but it didn’t happen. (Tap water is not safe anywhere so use bottled even for cleaning teeth). There are two types of Egypt as far as I see, the Pyramids, Cairo Nile etc etc (inland) and the Red Sea (water). Being a water person I spent every day swimming with wonderful fish (snorkling). Hot dusty inland didn’t appeal to me but whatever your choice I’m sure you’ll like it. I don’t know of the current tourist situation there with various places etc. Have fun! Lucky you!

It’s brilliant if you like history. Obviously the Pyramids - but also the medieval part of Cairo is fascinating - there are some very beautiful old buildings there.

Went to New Orleans to stay with pal for Jazz fest in May this year - it was brilliant - 30 degree sunshine - saw Ziggy Marley, The Eagles and loads of live music at venues and bars all over the city. It’s such a vibrant and quirky place to hang out. We also had time to walk in the swamp and saw a mum alligator with her smaller child alligators floating about, plus went on the street car and saw the Thornton Dial exhibition.

Tend to go abroad quite a bit as part of work, but sadly not to holiday destinations :crying: so not sure if I’ll be on holiday again this year.

I would love to go to Egypt - have always thought about visiting, but just never done it and it’s such a rich and interesting country to explore. Sure you’ll have a fantastic time there and we will look forward to seeing the pics :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Come to Wales, tis better :wink:

Best advice I got about Egypt is to avoid salad, it’s washed with tap water which, if you’re not used to…well, you know the score :pinch:

I’m currently in Dallas for work, but the amount of times i’ve been out while over here you could swear it’s a holiday!

Next week i’m going down to Cape Town for a quick little visit for my mum’s 60th and then after that will be Crete in August for Mrs Sookie’s dirty 30. Then end of September it’s a 10 day trip to South Africa again, this time for a wedding. In between this it’s Denmark…again for a wedding.

Egypt: I had a great time there, as other peeps said, just take care with the water. I got a bit of the runs, but Mrs Sookie was fine. We stayed in Dahab that’s about 1,5 hrs from Sharm. Great for snorkling/diving and wind surfing.

Thanks for the tips, I guess I’m asking too much being in a location in which I have both the amazing snorkelling/diving AND the pyramids/history…?

Tunisia was pretty awesome for a mix of both culture and modern attractions, I would like the same sort of thing in Egypt if possible? I was looking at Sharm el Sheik, it’s expensive but looks amazing…!

I don’t think I’d want to set foot anywhere in the Middle East right now. Egypt had it’s Arab spring, but to me it still looks like a tinder box. So I probably pick Turkey instead, which not only has a rich modern history it also has Gobekli Tepe which was built in around 10,000 BCE. That astonishingly predates the Egyptian pyramids by 7,000 years.

went to the TT, didn’t want to come home :frowning:

Riding to Netherlands for a camping weekend XD

As mentioned by Nick above, I’m one of the LB jolly boys off on Rob’s Alpine ramble in July for a week.

Then in August it’s the girfriends turn, we drive down through Switzerland, spend a couple of nights by Lake Como, then a week in the hills near Sienna before a leisurely drive up along the Italian/French Riviera to Marseilles for a few days as my sister is getting married there.

Oh & I’m also off to Ireland for a long weekend next Thursday! :slight_smile:

As above :

1 week touring the Alps with some fellow LB’ers, a fortnight after I return i’m off to Crete for two weeks:D