As this grizzly day carries on I’m thinking about warmer climates and imaging myself on a white sandy beach somewhere in the Caribbean with the sound of the sea lapping against the shore, not forgetting the faithful cocktail in one hand and a good book in another, feeling the heat and getting browner by the minute………anyway………I was just wondering where you guys like to go on hols? Do you have a particular fav place that you just keep going back to?? Is there a specific month that you go on your annual holiday?


Yep, just booked a few days to Greece in June and we’re also going to Las Vegas for a wedding in October. You know the usual :wink:

Can’t wait to be somewhere warm and sunny. I’m getting SAD :frowning:

Feeling sad?

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I have to go to Turkey quite often with work - down around Bodrum Marmaris and Antalya. That said, when I get holidays in July and August that’s where I go. I ride down over two days and it’s a great trip at that time of year. Get away from the tourist traps and it’s a fantastic place. Roads are not much good but you can hire big trailies for next to nothing. Cheap flights - cheap hotels (last time I paid a tenner a night in a smart hotel B&B) cheap bike hire and SUNSHINE:D

Japan 4 times in the last 5 years. 3 of those at Xmas. Still haven’t entirely ruled out going back this year. We both just love the place.

So far this year I’ve spent a few weeks around New Year in Key West and Miami, Florida. Just got back a few weeks ago from a month in Australia.

Heading off to Cape Cod, Massachusetts for a few weeks early Autumn and have a few trips planned around Europe (Norway, Denmark, Spain, France) during the summer. Then I’ll always pop down for the usual long weekends in Dorset.

I’m trying to work towards more holiday time than work time.

One of my favourite places to go is Cape Cod in Massachusetts though. I’ve been going there for years and had three trips there last year. Bit jealous at the moment as the Missus is over there and called me at work a few hours ago to tell me what a great time she was having.:sick:

Must be one of those days, I have been day dreaming about holidays in the sun as well, this weather does make me feel down :frowning:

My favourite holiday destinations are, Thailand, only been 3 times :P, Cambodia, Angkor Wat is amazing and Australia, only managed to do Sydney and the East Coast as it’s such a big country, would without a doubt go back to all three of these places as there is so much to see and do, been to places in Europe and stuff but these are top of my list for sure.

A friend of mine is living in New Zealand at the moment so maybe when it warms up a bit there I will go and visit her there, always wanted to go :smiley:

I’m off to Brisbane for 3 weeks soon. Booked it today. :smiley:

Might be a bit chilly though - they’re only seeing temperatures of 27c at the moment. :wink:



grey rainy days in London always make you wish you were anywhere else.

Am rather partial to the Maldives. It really is paradise and has great scuba diving. Was there last December and will be going again next Feb…

counting the months :slight_smile:

Me too!! and of course, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina soon :wink:

did Thailand & Cambodia (3 weeks) for our honeymoon last year
great holidays! :smiley:

Off to Spain this year again to my appartment, i have to go in August as that`s when the kids are off school.

tenerife in a few weeks and god do I need it

Naples, this Summer.

Bruges before Xmas. Chocolate & beer.

Any ideas for a cheap holiday in the Autumn/October for 3 - 4 days?

My second home is Tenerife. Usually over there 3-4 times a year, will be over there in 13 days time, not that I’m counting:cool::smiley:

The plan is to take up residence in the very near future:cool:

+1 although im not having no holidays this year, dedicating my money to other matters :smiley:

Ferry to Bilbao then ride through Spain and Portugal to the Algarve, just in time to come back again!

Leaving 28th May. Can’t wait! :slight_smile:

I go to Tenerife quite frequently too, because my aunt lives there. Free accomodation!

Fave destination is St. Maarten in the Ccaribbean, been there three times. :cool:

Tenerife’s a bit of a chavvy poohole though eh ? :wink:

Maybe I just went to the wrong part of it. Found the other canary islands to be a bit nicer tbh.

Err… I’m going on a bike run to scotland at the end of may for 6 days, then MotoGP weekend at Donny.

That’s my hols for the year.