Holiday in Cambodia - Off-Road

Hi all,

As some of you know, I’m in Singapore and just about to head off to Cambodia for 2-weeks off-road touring with GlobalEnduro. I “won” the trip at the Dakar Team GB charity auction after holding my hand up too long :wink:

I’ve hardly a clue what to expect, other than this is the more advanced “return” trip to Cambodia that they usually only offer to riders who’ve already done their more normal CamboEnduro with which usually includes more site seeing etc. This time there’s more jungle camping at the least, including being advised to bring a mosquito-net hammock :blink:

We’ve also got the pleasure of Craig Bounds and Tamsin Jones of Black Desert Training coming - who I’m very grateful gave me some emergency off-road tution last weekend in Wales …–with-black-desert-training

I gather we’re stopping off for one day at least in Angkor Wat - which I’ve always wanted to see.

Finally, by amazing coiincedence James and Cat Rix should be getting to Cambodia too at around the same time on their motorbike ride to Australia. Last time I saw them was in Georgia when they joined us for some of our London-Tashkent ride across Turkey. It will be great to hear how theyve been getting on in person.

If you’d like to follow the trip, I’m planning to use my Spot Tracker and the map should update here -

More photos and maybe a write-up to come :wink:

See you back in Blighty in a couple of weeks … hopefully without any dodgy jungle infections! :slight_smile:


Sounds Tough, but Nice! :wink:

Make sure you keep a diary and do a write up, we’ll put in the features section (get some good photos as well)!

Have fun Alex, can’t wait to hear the tales of your adventure! :wink:

Hi all,

I’ve been back 3 or 4 weeks now, but taken quite a while to recover (including nasty Cambodian gut bug that most people got). Cambodia was amazing, though very tough and hot to ride in … and even more so when you’re “new” to off-roading like me. Some of the toughest days in my life so far even.

Turned out most of the other riders were either very experienced (enduro racers etc!), or had been to Cambodia before and wanted something even more “extreme”.

One of the guys has created some Go-Pro2 videos, which have some amazing footage I thought you might like. Two of the videos were blocked by YouTube for music rights, but now only 1 is. You can view the video in full HD, by maximizing the video window and changing “quality” to 1080p.

Also, Tamsin wrote a cool blog -

I’m thinking about writing my take on the holiday for LB if there’s interest, with some of the 200 photos I took. Let me know :slight_smile:

In case it works … I’m trying to embed the videos below too.

Part 1:

Part 2 : still blocked

Part 3 :

I’ve been to Cambodia. Lovely place. How much did you see?


Was awesome, thanks. We basically went around most of the Cambodia borders - usually through jungle etc. Here’s my spot tracker map :slight_smile:

Edited to add : the tracker missed a few points out to the west, so we did more out that way too.