Holiday Help

Karen and I want to go away somewhere hot and quiet for a holiday. Problem is as we work in the same office we could only get a week off at the end of August. Of course prices are sky high. We are trying to find something for under £300 each. I have tried last and expedia but nothing in price range so far.

Also tried travel agents and same story with price.

Anyone on here a master at finding good bargain holidays?

well me n col went to turkey, booked through last for £169 each including hotel taxes and flights, mindyou the flights are with monarch so dont expect plush! but very good hols and good value for money!!

Buy a tent and go to France


Mate the way the weathers going you could live in my garden for a week for £600 note no problem…

I’ll ask the guys at work if we have any discount codes for Teletext Holidays, but don’t hold your breath, they’re as tight as a ducks ass

STA travel…

I know they aim at students, but they get deals and will sell to anyone.

Well a friend of mine once walked in to the Travel Agent on the Saturday morning - first day of a two week break - and asked what they had? “got two weeks in Goa” was the reply - for 50p its yours? Turns out the couple going had to cancel but as they were insured they were getting there money back - and my friend just needed to pay 50p admin to change the names - she flew out that afternoon!!

Could take a chance on the day - was a few years ago mind :slight_smile:

Cheers for the replies people thats very helpful. I shall investigate!

how about a long weekend in st omer?