Hold onto your fillings !



That’s some slap! KO’d in a single blow, ouch!

At least the guy put him the recovery position, nice of him.

Fugg me, what a belting slap. Unlucky sonny

he’ll have a perfect hand print on his face when he wakes up, and that will be his only clue as to what happened hahaha

Damn he’s a beast.

I like he turned the victim on his side.

Blimey – I had to watch that 5 or 6 times. That is the slap of the century!

Why does the phrase,

“You know when you’ve been Tango’d”

Spring to mind. :w00t:

Hmmm they took it down for some reason !

********… should have downloaded it:)

someone else has it on there, they’ve edited it though.

This one tickled me as well.


I did , its at home and will upload it to my site !

Found another one !http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/773965/

You wanna see a PROPER slap ?

Looky here !