holborn bike thieving

Saw this on another site: http://www.gixerjunkies.net/forum/showthread.php?t=42938

keep yer eyes peeled, people.

Won’t let me look at that site… can you post the details here?

“Just to let anyone who parks in Central London know. There is a group of 18-20 year olds wandering around nicking bikes. Spotted around Holborn area and they attempted to nick a BMW.”

Got to be retards. In Woolwich thay do this in the 14-16 years. By 20 they are on to BMW’s, Merc’s and houses.

Seriously, this is possibly going to be the big bike year as the police now prioritise vehicle theft crime by value. Bikes are cheap compared to cars, well, unless things get “out of hand”.

Get the “Sold Secure” padlock and chain. It may be an investment as you can swap it to the next bike.

Oh. Forget the alarm with a twenty year pay back period on the insurance discount. They are just bad money. Go for a Tracker (if you must) or a £15 job off Ebay or don’t bother at all.

wot he said, lol.

hmmm, thats weird…read my post on “when suns out, so are the idiots”

be careful in Holborn NCP car parks as well they have been targeted a lot recently

Well I just read that post on GJ’s not realising who posted it. I was the person that told him to keep an eye on his bike as I saw the scroats taking an interest in his bike and a few others. I had a “quiet word” with the said scroats who said they weren’t doing anything wrong! And just in case they are on this website checking peoples bikes out, I really will do to you what I said, no doubt.

I’ve seen them prowling here and nearly had my own bike nicked by them. they arrive two up on a ped and then hijack the bike from the bay and make a runner. I had gone out and bought a chain to lock the bike up and they arrived to find it chained up, so buggered off. I did not run fast enough to accost them as I saw it happening from around 30m away.

You in Holborn as well?

They nick BMW!?

Gotta be retards!!!

I have underground parking at work so im glad i dont have the headache - at home though ive set up a webcam at night and have even made a sign to put ovr my reg at night sayin:

“Think again Mo Fo - Webcam watching your every move - look up and to the right to give me a nice face shot if you wanna check it out”

Ive got to say that the sign isnt visible unless you take the cover off - otherwise people would just try to pinch it for a dare!

That’s nothing new. That area has the highest number of bike thefts per person anywhere in Europe as far as I know! I’ve had a bike stolen myself in the area. There’s at least two big housing estates where these people come out from under their rocks to take what you’ve worked hard to own.

Continuing on from Toby’s politics thread, this is one of the fundamental problems of society the government don’t have the balls to address! - Poverty and crime!