Hello, my previous hello seems to have been eradicated, perhaps it looked like some kind of self promotion but it’s not, I’m not even in the show this year. I’d like to meet London bikers and have posted an event in rideouts to a large scale sculpture exhibition for a whole new type of interaction and space to meet, look and discuss. The bikes can roll right into the space, best read my post. I figure it will be a good environment and a nice xchange, art work and motorcycles. If interested in this one mail me so I can get a sense of the numbers or simply turn up if no time - [email protected]
look forward to seeing new machines, and sculptures!

Great, I’m new and this is the kind of thing I was hoping to find - a ride with a twist. :smiley: Inspiring. I’ll see you there.

hi and welcome to lb

Hi and welcome aboard.