Hey there!

A TOTAL biking newbie here, aged 20 (21 soon) from the central London area. No bike yet, never ridden before either :frowning: but have my CBT in a few days, followed by a 5 day D.A.S course soon after. Hopefully, (fingers crossed) I should have my full licence by the end of August/start of September and a bike soon after. Got a load of questions that need answering so I’m hoping the LB community can help me out.


Take Care.


hey matey welcome and hello! just cos you dont have a bike mate dont mean you cant join us at the cubana, come and say hello! we dont bite!!!

p.s. good luck with the das, i did mine in Feb of this year and now ride a spangly fazer.

Hi there and welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



ps the guys here are really helpful!!!

Hey Abdul, welcome to LB! You’ll be able to feast upon the experience of others here, which is a damn good thing. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions, the community is there to help new riders. What sort of bike are you interested in?


Good luck with the DAS mate and welcome to LB.

I did mine at back in March and haven’t looked back. You’ll enjoy it and as has been said above, pop down to Cubana, there’s a wealth of experianced riders there with loads of right good tips and experience to draw from. They’ve been a great help to me as a new rider and I’ve found them all bar none to be very approachable and they will help if they can.

Hello and welcome to LB.

Best of luck for the tests. Let us know how you get on.

I was looking for 125 initally (cbr 125 looks good or even an old NSR), but the cheapest insurance (TPFT)I have been quoted for a 2003 cbr 125 @ ebike insurance is no less than £2100!! Any ideas for a good first bike with relatively affordable insurance costs (i.e in the £1k category - the insurance that is…) for a 5ft.4" er?? (yeah I’m short!)

and i am 5"1 way shorter than you…

that quote is bad - my first one was for £800… on a cbr125r

try carole nash! and for the first bike i know a few people are selling theirs on LB - check out the Bikes section…

Welcome to LB your gonna love the site, good luck with your DAS

SmacK poke poke with the newbie crutches

Hiya and welcome to LB matey; hope to see ya at Cubana or on a rideout some time.

Re Insurance - might want to pick up a copy of Motorcycle News has lots of bikes for sale and also Insurance Brokers/ Companies to call. I giot my first bike with Hastings - was 10 years ago so no use on price forgotten/ not valid anyway. Presently with Bennetts.

Try these: www.bennetts.co.uk or www.hastingsdirect.com

Re bikes keep it small till you build up your No Claims especially if you are in London somewhere as its the highest rated area.

Welcome to the forum

That quote is terrible!! I’m shelling out £950 for a '99 cagiva mito and i’m only 17 with no NCB

Hey dude and welcome to LB.

Best of luck with your tests, you’ll be fine. Even I passed


Try Zenith as new new rider. I got £900 fully comp with them when I started.