Hola! Greetings from East London

Hello Everybody,

I´ve just recently passed my DAS and I´m now the proud owner of a CBF500. I´m a spaniard with little experience riding but willing to learn, I´m looking to meet nice people to ride in, around and outside London and also to enjoy a drink every now and then!


Jorge (George)



Welcome :slight_smile:

Muy buenas and welcome!

Sure you will find some people to ride. where in spain?

I’m sure being Spanish, Riding comes Naturally!! as well as Football, Tennis etc etc!! lol


Thanks all!

Originally born in Alicante, I´m sure many of you know the area!


Hi Jorge. Bienvenido ! I have been there on my R6 before. Long trip but worth it.


My favorite place in the world!!

hola tronco! welcome from another noob to the board on a honda :slight_smile: