Hola from Ibiza!!

Just a quick hello to rub it in that is been 30 degs plus here, hitting the beach most days, out dining and drinking, sightseeing and I spent last night with Tiesto, hence why i feeling worse for wear this morning :stuck_out_tongue: also not helped by the fact that I had a run in with a pavement (not whilst drunk I add) and am battered, bruised and bloody and nursing a sprained ankle! :blink: Anyway ill live!

See you all soon, will have a cold one on the beach for you all later :cool:

Not at all jealous!!

And of course the run in was whilst sober :cool:

not even remotely jealous :slight_smile:

still were orf to the seaside so ner ner ner :stuck_out_tongue:

alright for some lol

All this bragging…and not a single picture…How disappointing…I’ll be waiting for you to redeem yourself upon your return. :wink:

Have a great time!


i’ll be there soon luv!!!

get IBIZA warmed up for me joolzy!!!:w00t:


Hey Joolz

That all sounds like hard work, I hope you aint overdoing it hun;):smiley:

Another one not at all jealous;)

Chunks x

Any pictures of your tan lines.:wink:

thanks for rubbing it in that I’ve still got 12 days to go till im there :angry:


Head to the north of the island its real nice much better than all the clubland areas unless your already there.

Im still split…

Do i go and see The Street in August or Pendulum in September…

How about both ! :slight_smile:

Tiesto!!! you lucky sod, did he do his ‘he’s a pirate’ mix? if so, GOD DAMN UR LUCKY!

Of course! :smiley:

I do have some pics ill put up (and some i took whilst in the states if anyones interested), but pics of tan lines would be just too revealing :hehe:

last summer went there