Hoff and burger

Been hearing about this on the radio today its slightly funny but you may find it offensive, if you do dont watch… Oh what has become of the mighty Hoff


Very sad, not funny though.

i like it…

20 years??? so he drove kitt pissed.

cancer and being a piss head are different barro people cant help getting cancer… i dont see know one tipping it down his throat!!

bad joke im afraid…

i do feel sorry for the ol boy…must be gutting for his kids…being spoken too like that…

should’nt of put it on you tube tho…for everyone to gork at…thats her dad ffs!!!

you dont show up your old man…no matter what!!

hope he’s forgiving…it could be his carrer!!


Never a truer word said

This is a shameful post … it’s a daughter pleading with her dad not to get drunk tomorrow.

I cannot see the humor in it.

My hero :slight_smile:

ehh yup?..wasn’t ment to be like that barro…

no malice on my part…

just saw the hoff pissed for the first minute of the vid…posted…then i saw it all and wrote the second post…

as i said i thought it was a jovol vid till i saw the whole thing…

then i felt sorry for his kids…

thats how it was barro…


the reason the daughter done it was because she wanted to shame her old man into stopping drinking so she stuck it on the net so everyone could watch…

i dont want to see people mauled by lions so i didnt watch past 10 seconds stop whining

Fair enough mate, I guess some need to laugh at others to make them feel better.

you spelt twat wrong

Well i am a wanka!!!

any first post edited…

This is in every newspaper today so why have a pop at me if id linked it to the sun or the mirror it makes no difference

seeya for a chat then.

Well the first line of this post were the first true words you have written!!

And you think i give a F U CK…

from your post it’s obvious that you dont.


Looks like we are clear then

its been said before time over if dont like it dont read it, or watch it simple

So, you posting something that is offensive to mankind is ok because I watched it on a LONDON BIKERS site.

And you assume that I’m telepathic!!

I must remember that I must know what your posts are before I look at them.

You are a fool!