Underneath the address bar there are two segments…

  1. Location of Stop / Incident = with time and date

"“in this section I have the place and location of alledged incident and time and date”

  1. Location of Requirement to produce (if different) = time and date

This is what I want advice on…

is this section the Location and time and date I have to produce at ??

Im under the impression that I have seven days to produce at the time and date specified in this section…am I right ?

I’m no expert, but I’d have thought that was if you weren’t asked to produce at the stop/incident, but then for some reason they asked you later to do so. Generally I guess these would be the same, hence the (if different) part.

Since you can produce within a certain number of days, it would be a bit anal of them to ask you to specify the date AND time you were going to walk into the nick!

Someone else will probably know for definite though

Oh right…I get ya…its not the target date !! (ie the date and time of seven days from alledged offence)…yes it makes sense now…its just that Ive never had one …Thanks for ya help.


the Ho/rt1 is used for various scenarios…

A routine stop and your issued with only the incident date/time completed, this means your seven days starts from midnight from the time of incident.

However, the time of requirement is often used , for instance, if someone is hurt in an accident and taken to hospital…the investigating officer , for whatever reason, can’t see you until the next day…he then fills in the Time of requirement…your seven days then starts from the requirement.

In other words if BOTH boxes are completed the second part (requirement to produce) is the date you go by!


Great Stuff Pork…

Thanks mate…

Just found it and I thought I was in default…

I got time now…I,ll get my ass up there tomorrow morning.

your most welcome mate.