HMS Illustrious

Has anyone gone to have a look at her? And can anyone tell me exactly where she is moored, and a good place to park the bike if I want to go have a butchers?

in the thames

Right, I’ll just wander over there…

Good idea…

You can’t miss it - Big grey thing but you must make sure that it’s got a flat top…

If it’s not flat and has lots of guns and is called HMS Belfast then you’re on the wrong ship… Although the Belfast is painted in a cammo type scheme so you might not see it…

As of this morning she was in Greenwich, but there’s gonna be really tight security coz there’s some visit or something going on, so you might not get very close.

She’s right outside my door in greenwich… Brilliant ship.

As for parking in greenwich you are a little screwed by there is a small bike park opposite the Cutty Sark boat near starbucks. Get there and you’ll see if .

Otherwise i can give you a few other places to park along the thames path and walk down to it .

Do I need to take along a lock and chain? Or is it fairly safe there?

Mate, with your bike, I’d take an armed guard.

will it stil be there later? i might pop down to have a look, take a few piccs with my paparazzi camera…hahaha

well if i can get my bike put back together anyway!

its ok, its just the same as HMS invincible, they are better when your out in the Med - jumping off the flight deck with 20 marksmen looking out for sharks! brilliant!!

Always take your chain. But the bike park there is pretty safe.

Agree with the Med bit! “Hands to bathe” and all that!

HMS Ark Royal is the one though, but I did serve in her.

My signature has a clue in it.

anyone know how long she’s moored there for? only i’d like to go down and take pics but won’t get there in daylight till the weekend…

She leaves on Wednesday at high tide (not sure what time that will be)

Mate! The way the defence custs are going 4 of HM ships could be the sum total of the fleet!

I’d love to see her. I very nearly became a Weapons Officer when I was much younger but couldn’t because of my dodgy eye.

went specifically to see her last night, not as big as i thought though!

afraid their a wee bit dark, but here she is, as taken at midnight last night

I was a type 22 man myself… Cumberland, Campbeltown, Sheffield and The Boxer!!!

Scylla, Broadsword, Gloucester & Ark Royal.