hmmmmm kebab

i just like them!! chilli sauce is the doggies brazils :wink:

No no no, burger sauce and lot’s of it. I always find them very tricky to eat when sober.:smiley:

I haven`t had kebab in years.

Chilli sauce and garlic mayo. Hmmmm.

You sure? S’not what Terry says :smiley:

Ang you know Terry, you cant believe a word he says. He lies to compensate the fact that he can`t pull a bird as his ET looks is not what a girl goes after unless he pulls a bird from a freak show.:stuck_out_tongue:

Meeeow hark at the chippendale lmfao :):smiley:

john you were that ugly as a baby ya mum fed ya with a catapult !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Atleast my mum kept me, what`s your excuse Steve.:stuck_out_tongue:

only way to eat a chilli lashed kebab is when walking home as drunk as a fart…and then in the morning you find chilli sauce on your shirt your trousers and your shoes and wonder where that came from…thank heavens for friday nights…