Hmm... New bike? Opinions :crying:

So, the SV is p*ssing me off…

Ive never been a fan of bikes with fairings and the SV was completely different to my normal choice of style.

However, this ment that I’d need to remove fairings in order to keep on top of maintenance etc & im too lazy for that so she got neglected.

A few weeks back I dropped her into Essential rubber and I had a bunch of work done to it which cost and arm and a leg- (But a great price none the less).

New Fork Seal/OilNew Clutch Friction PlatesNew Front TyreMOTAlternator RewoundRear PadsNew Mechanical Waterpump SealNew Oil Inspection WindowBasic ServiceEngine Powder Coated BlackNew Side GasketsNew Drive Chain

Since then I have fitted some Scorpion cans (RRP £638) & Iv lost count of the amount of number plates iv lost.

Due to my number plate bracket snapping in the same place, Im not sure if its from wind or vibrations but the manufacturer refunded me each time.

I then fitted 2 numberplate brackets for double thickness & thought it would be fine, but now its just cracked the undertray instead and im loosing my love for it fast!!! :crazy:



What should I do??

I dont want a new bike because I absoloutly love it, but I cant be arsed with it anymore…

What NAKED bikes could I replace it with that are less than 2k/fun to ride/reliable/comfortable because itl only get abused… (NO BANDITS)

That numberplate bracket is a piece of carp design … can’t believe anyone would come up with that and think it would work . Correct me if I am wrong , You don’t need to change a girlfriend you like when you want sex , you just take off the clothes … same applies to bikes … but without the sex … unless your a fan of a burnt cock .

Is it just me or does that bracket look like it’s being bent the wrong way? I would have thought wind would bend it in the opposite direction. You’re not backing it into anything or wrapping a chain around it or something?

You are correct, its folding Inwards rather than outwards which is why im unsure if its wind (some sort of vortex that I haven’t thought of) or if its the vibrations.

Nope, I don’t chain it up or anything…

I’m not surprised your number plate snapped that tiny bit of steel, what you need is something like this to spread the load further down the plate:

It’s not the " I had a number plate on when I left home this morning Officer" ploy is it?

All the service stuff you mentioned excluding the powder coating is common stuff for a faired or naked bike so i don’t see what the issue is there, just because it has fairings on doesn’t mean you can’t look after it.

Replace the hanger for an R&G unit and fix the number plate on with the right plastic bolts.

There is nothing wrong with your bike, ride it and enjoy it.

Dont get me wrong, I know these are all common things that need doing.
Its the fact that it has a fairing on it and I refuse to take it off on my own in the fear I might brake them, so it got neglected and I never kept on top of maintenance.

An R&G bracket / Mians recomendation, wouldnt bolt straight on as I have the ERMAX undertray and I really cant be bothered with doing/spending any more on it.

Take off the fairing. Its no big deal, Ive had my Daytona 955 fairing of a dozen times.

Or get a naked SV.

Does the battery not charge anymore?
I think mine has kicked the bucket too