Hmm, Mr Addison Lee Pan Euro rider

:angry:Watching you cutting people up through traffic, getting stuck due to bad traffic reading and then doing it all over again, not good. You damn nigh took out a cyclist while off siding in Deptford, caused several other bikers to brake hard down New Kent Road and were weaving all over the place like you were on drugs. Truly appalling riding and not funny. Trying to bash fairings with me does not endear my to you either - intimidating “smaller” bikes because you have an ABS barge is just bullying. Next time I will easily catch up and remove your testicles forcibly. Fortunately for you I had other things that I had to be doing this morning with no time for a ding dong moment. Minor wibbling rant over.

I can add 2 more guys to that:))

White Busa 09 plate, from around tower london all the way past gallows corner, speed wise… not safe at all and I tried keeping up with him, then again I was overtaking him in traffic every time:D

Silver Police looaklike BMW, GS55 plate… guy rides very very fast but I manage to still overtake in traffic:)

Lots of people that can go fast in straights but as soon as they hit traffic that’s it, I rather have constant riders. I ain’t saying I am good, but I try to stick to a constant progression. Not slowing too much when filtering but not blasting off when road is free either.

And then there was the nutter on a big KTM about 3 weeks ago riding through Streatham (in the evening rush hour, near the police station), who decided to offside a pedestrian crossing as the traffic going southbound was heavy. He came within an inch of running over an old lady who had juest stepped off the central island into his path, and gave her a big shock.

If I had machine guns strapped to the front of my bike, I would have been very, very seriously tempted to have used them on him…

I reckon we’ve all ridden like a selfish aggressive arse at some point or other - usually after you’ve had a stressful/bad day at work - your tolerance/patience goes out of the window and the opportunities provided by a motorcycle for blasting through the traffic/dodging obstacles and f*cking off into the distance at high speed become irresistible.

Not excusing this behaviour - but just saying we’re all human.

Sod overtaking in traffic while filtering, if i cant anticipate what each and every other road user is going to do then I’m down to a crawl and if you wanna whizz past me then go right on ahead, none of the journeys I do are that important to me !! :slight_smile: