HM Revenue & Customs want exemption from speed limits

HMRC want to be included in the list of approved bodies/people who can exceed speed limits when carrying out covert surveillance operations. :angry:

I hope it does not get approval


Do they wanna exclude my foot from their arse… you can bet yer bottom dollar they do! :w00t:

Jesus wept - they’re a bunch of sad accountants - not the f*cking Sweeney . . . :smiley:

LOL - just spat my tea out, you owe me a keyboard!


Really they are a bunch of incompetent twats (and I have more reason that most to believe this). They really shouldn’t be driving anything more powerful than a Citroen 2CV.

Are you trying to justify another business expense? Careful cause the HMRC would be onto you like lightning the way they drive!

Not going remain very ‘covert’ if they have the blues and two going surely?!!

Thought the blues and two’s was for life and death situations so what do they need them for their not an emergency service

I think this is a good thing
If you have to go over the speed limits for your job
Then you should not have to face the points on your licence
or the fine
It will let you Concentrate on the task in hand and make the roads safer for all users

Covert surveillance riding is very different to a shout on blues and twos and probably the toughest course I ever did.

I am not sure if the rules have changed, but back in my day you had to hold a class 1 ticket before you would even be considered for the surveillance course, and in fact some customs officers do hold a class 1 ticket but for cars not bikes.

Seriously? Why would Hmrc need this? It’s not life or death. Are you trying to stir things up? Looks like it by your posts… :doze:

“Seriously? Why would Hmrc need this? It’s not life or death.”


“Are you trying to stir things up? Looks like it by your posts…”


I am sorry I might have got this wrong but after reading the posted article and looking at the list of services applying for this ,
Hmrc was just one of the services,I was looking at the rest of them

Maybe pinhead works for hmrc! Lol

Thinking it`s fair they should, along with DWP fraud squad.
They do us all a favour unless yer a dodger like Kevsta.:angry:


With the issue being speed though, if they are covert (ie look like a normal car) and speed, how do they avoid being pulled over by the police, thus disrupting their surveillance activities, if they don’t have some sort of signalling device such as blue lights?

“Ministers said it was right to revise the rules for those whose work “can mean the difference between life and death”.”

In which case HMRC have no chance of being included, or at least shouldn’t have a chance.

Coast guard and organ transplant vehicles, I totaly agree, and am supprised that they dont have that power already, the coast guard is an emergency service afterall.

HMRC is no,t and never will be, an emergency service.