HM Racing KTM SuperDuke @ Snetterton

Iain, from Bracken’s has sent me this news, but whilst it’s not news for the homepage, I thought people might be interested. I was lucky enough to get up-close and personal with this Superduke, and I can tell you, it looks ten times better in person than it does in the photos!

It has a K5 1000 tail-piece and otherwise looks the mutts-nutts. Well done Iain, and best of luck in the future! Words from Iain are as follows…

The HM Racing KTM 990 Superduke had its first race outing at Snetterton recently.

Up against Aprilia Mille R’s, Ducati 998, 999’s, Honda SP 2’s and a variety of Triumph and Benelli triples the 990 Superduke came away from the fast Norfolk circuit with 2 wins and 2 fastest laps on the Sunday.

The Saturday was spectacular with a 100mph high-side exiting Coram curve on the first lap of qualifying threatening to ruin the weekend. Farntic spannering from the HM team saw the bike on the grid just in time for the first race, but at the back of the grid! Rider John Barnett blasted through the pack to 6th and then 2nd in the two races. The bike was the talk of the paddock. An unfaired KTM, never raced before, had beaten a host of exotic fully faired machinery. Awesome.
Tuning and suspension guru’s HM Racing were well pleased with there weekends work (so were KTM, first Superduke race win in the world).

Check the pics.

Bracken KTM Racing


Good to get the story, bike looks way good as well, now proven by its winning credentials.

How close to standard is the bike ?

Fantastic result whatever way you look at it

The answer to that is… fairly close. A friend is having his “2ND” sooperdook done to the same spec. Full akro, airbox mods, some head work and “dialed in” cams.

This gives 130 at the rear on HM’s dyno. Std bike gives ya 114.

Brakes and suspension left the same, they are top spec gear OE.

It’s worth pointing out that this bike isn’t winning in a naked bikes class, it’s taking on the top race-rep v-twins, and beating them!

Really impressive, and at snet too, was it getting lost on the neverending straights and making it up on the corners ?

I followed one the other day that had Akras, very nice

I’m from Manila, Philippines and just bought an '06 Super Duke. Can anyone help me source race airfilters? DNA’s Singapore branch doesn’t respond or has changed email address. What about the new Dynojet Power Commander maps vs KTM’s maps? Which is better?
Jose Maria

brembos as standard. top notch sussy. decent chassis. plus 130bhp makes it a very decent bike.

BUT…if the same rider was on a 999 he/she would pi$$ off into the distance never to be seen again by the duke behind.

Also ThundersportGB have a streetfighter class and the superdook is getting spanked left right and centre by little ol honda hornets (87rwhp) ridden by ‘old men’ (:w00t:) with brakes and suspension from the dark ages.

Also…the top rider on a superdook at bsb is 3 seconds a lap :w00t: behind a STOCK 600

Now…the rc8 is a serious piece of kit :cool:

oh and i’m absolutely loving the plastic brigade getting spanked but a naked :cool::cool::cool::cool::D:P:cool:

Blimey, just seen this and I know the rider of the SuperDuke in the pictures! Unfortunately he’s not racing on the bike this year but when he was he said it was an absolutely amazing bit of kit. He won various races on it which is good going for somebody without any fairing on his bike!