HM Racing Kent

Back at the start of the summer i was Desperate to get the Power Commander on my bike set up on the dyno.

Throttle was snatchy and fluffy… anyways most places were booked up for months so i took it to a place called banjax in east london.

They dynoed it for me and after getting it back i was unhappy with the map that they had made.

I took it back several times they re-dynoed it and said it was fine.

But to me there was no improvment so i gave up 150 quid down the drain…

So anyway the jerky throttle has realy been getting to me so i booked it into HM Racing in kent, who i was told have a great rep.

I guy called dave there was very helpfull and friendly and most off all enthuseastic… you know what i mean? when you feel someone cares as much about your bike as you do…

Well got the bike back today and took it for a 2 hour shake down run.

Id had suspension tweeks done as well (forks fulshed and cleaned,Ohlins springs and oil, and the bike set up for me personaly)

Well the fueling map is Sweet as a nut, im amazed actualy… at how much better it is.

Dave said there was umm some “funny numbers” in that Banjax map not wanting to slag them off.

I am one happy bunny

This kind of work is expensive and not everyone needs/wants to set there bikes up like this. after all we all use are bikes for different things.

If like me you want to make your bike as good as it can be(for going fast)

its amazing what a few tweeks can do…

So anyway heres the graphs and im puting up the suspension settings to so if your have a K4-K5 GSXR 750 and you about my weight 85 kilo’s then feel free to try them.

Speed graph (1 tooth less on front 2 extra on rear)

Power run

suspension tweeks

The front preload is set on 1 bar with 8.5n springs and the forks have been dropped threw the yokes by 3.5mm (factory setting in 5mm)

All in All thanks HM Racing… a very nice job…

Mind if I ask how much they charge for the fork work & suspension setup ?

300 quid pat… 300 quid…

thats the whole suspension set up as well.

and thats just the basic package…

but id rather spend 300 quid on that than the latest lid…

Thanks for that, never been exactly what you’d call a fashion or bling victim, so agree on the lid bit too !

I’ve got an Ohlins rear shock that I picked up cheap off fleabay, be a bit pointless just fitting it on its own without getting the front end sorted as well.

Plus I figure it’ll make more sense to get them to set it all up, as I don’t even know the default Ohlins settings, let alone what’ll suit me best, don’t want to spend all summer trying to figure it out only to discover that the spring fitted is way off for my weight &/or riding !

Not too far from me either, which is nice…

i send alot of people there as they are really good,my mate dave (top ohlins guy)is very good mate with big dave down there,or there is wally up in bishops stalford just off the m11 both very clever people,wally and pete did my r1 for me,which was a flyer and handled the nuts.