HJC IS Multi 7 helmets in 1

Like the idea but not sure if the locking mech for the chin guard is up to the job


good idea, but i’ll stick with my shoei thanks

I saw this advertised in Ride.

It’s a good idea in theory. I guess there are a few people out there who ride both on and off road and would prefer just one helmet.

A Vara rider has some views - http://www.xrv.org.uk/forums/bike-tech/48702-hjc-multi-7-1-helmets.html

I have a HJC helmet that I bought from a friend second hand, for just £30, it is a size smaller then what I usually wear but is actually perfect for my head. Good quality helmet, not too much wind noise and the general feel of the helmet is that it is a quality product…even though new it was only £140. Just to say that HJC seem to make a good product.

I remember Roadrunner saying to me about these helmets with the flip face, and I assume the same would apply to those with a removal chin guard, that they may not be that good in situations where you have had a major accident.

I think I remember rightly that he said that due to them not being a solid piece that when you need to remove a helmet in a critical situation, unlike a normal one-piece helmet you can’t pull at the sides and create a gap for safer removal because the chin guards just give more and the shell of the helmet stays the same shape, making it more difficult to remove the helmet.

Since him saying that I prefer to wear a one-piece helmet.

There, fixed it for you.:wink:

Nothing wrong with buying a second hand helmet so long as you trust the person selling it.

Hmmm…so speaks the helmet safety officer.

I’ve owned a couple of HJC helmets and tested a couple more for a magazine. (Currently doing a long term test on the FS-11)

These HJC helmets are good value for money and some have good innovative features but the have all been horribly noisy.

I wish the company would slow down on developing “good ideas” and put some R and D money into aerodynamics and cutting wind noise first. Getting their SHARP ratings up would also be a good idea.

The 7 in 1 helmet? Don’t even want to test that one.