Has anyone tried one of these?

Thieving scum took my FF4 and I can’t find a replacement.

I’ve been toying with the idea of one of these CLX’s, but I’m not too sure about them. The visor doesn’t seem to fit too well and I reckon the wind roar might get silly.


Looks interesting - off road style

Know nowt about 'em

Or the Airoh Tyger or the S4.

i had a serious acident and several minor ones wearing agv helmets now i swear by them i bought an agv longway from hien gerik for £99 and it survived being ploughed into a lorry at 40mph so they r pretty good great ventilation and a good balance in cold weather even when its freezing and i meen ice and snow it keeps you warm and even with all the vens closed by some miricle it stays fog free so give an agv a try

theeeeeeeere grrrrrrreat

I have a bumpy bonce, which restrict the lids I can wear.
I had an FF4 which pitted great, but was nicked. I borrowed the wife’s FF3 and it left marks on my forehead and hurt like hell.
I thought the 4 just had external vent changes from the 3, but, well I was wrong.
I’ll just have to find a shop and start at one end of the shelf and work my way along (still haven’t found an AGV that has ever felt comfy though).

I’ve had my old Simpson an and my old HJC, but they just feel old and rattly, so I’ll just have to bite the bullet and ‘shell’ out for something new.