I’ve been riding for about 15 years, just recently bought me a B-King, :alien: yeah I know, I like odd lookin’ things, hell of a ride tho’, reminds me of my last gf actually :smiley: just started going more to the Ace which is where I saw the sticker for this site so had to join.
I’ll hopefully make the newbie night one day, otherwise you’ll see me there most w/e afternoons or for a saturday brekkie.


welcome aboard fella

Welcome, i love the idear of the B-King but can’t stand the back-end.

Hi and welcome aboard.

hi and welcome

Yeah, it’s like marmite, u either love it or hate it. Plenty of aftermarket cans out there tho’. But you can’t deny they’re distinctive, and you can’t help but look and it’s the view most people have of the bike as I pass by :blink:

Hiya & Welcome To LB :smiley:


Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to LB :slight_smile:

hello, welcome to lb:D

I like the b-king, it’s sound too:)

Might have seen you once or twice along New Kent Rd or so…eh?:wink: or it wasn’t you…??:stuck_out_tongue:

Not me, just some other lucky rider with good taste in bikes :smiley:

hi and welcome :slight_smile: