Hi i’m Helen from Carshalton. I ride a Suzuki gs500 (for the moment).I met a few of you on Monday night at Ace and you all seem a friendly bunch so i’d thought i’d join up. :wink: I’d like to thank Chris (Chribi) for pointing me in the direction of LB. Just still having a nose round the site at the moment.

Hi Helen Welcome.I was up the Ace too on Monday,on the slightly lairy coloured BMW 1150RT that Ginge was fighting with.:smiley:

hi helen did you get home ok?

sorry i went missing

Hi and welcome aboard.

Thanks all for your welcomes. :cool:

Yes just about thanks! :wink: Chris did get us a little bit lost at the beginning! And thanks for leading us up there. :cool:

Welcome!! I’m new too :slight_smile:

But I’ll certainly be at the next meet at Ace

your welcome helen

if you want to go again give me a shout

hello and welcome!:slight_smile:

Hiya, Welcome to LB. Im not that far from Where you are. I’m up the ace quit a bit so if wanna go drop me a pm.

Take care

Hello- See you out and about :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcomes and kind offers I may take you up on them. :wink:


Hi Helen and welcome.

I’m just down the road in Croydon so not far from you…

hi there and welcome to LB

I WAS NOT LOST - just a little miss-guided!

Hey Helen…Not that far away from you either…See you out and about :wink: