HiYa London Bikers....

Hi there,

I am new in the UK moved here 3 months ago from Sunny South Africa. I sold my KTM 200 four months ago in SA. I have been involved in dirt bike racing from a young age and here I am in London wanting to get up and running in the Dirt Bike scene again.

First things first I need to get a bike and a trailer to get the bike around and then I need to find out were the enduro/off road riding spots are. And most importantly need to meet up with fellow dirt bikers to hit the dirt with.:smiley:



Hey, welcome to LB, and congratulations on winning the World Cup :slight_smile:

There’s not many places for dirt riding in London, though I’d love to get a group out to a venue for a fun day out.

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB :cool:

Hello & welcome to LB!

hello and welcome

hopefully i will be joining the ranks of dirk bike owners on this site hopefully sum1 can arrange a fun filled day exploring wat can be achived on a dirt bike.

i`m hopein to get both wheels off the ground lmao

hi n welcome