Hiya all, my name's Titz - long time lurker, first time poster

Hi guys,

Been browsing London bikers for quite a long time, but haven’t bothered spending much time on the forums. Thought I’d introuce myself first before I do something critically stupid. My name’s Titot, but feel free to call me whatever the **** you want because I’m in it for shits and giggles! I’m just about to turn 22 and I’ve been riding since 16 (well, probably a lot younger if you count the times I err, twoc’d my dad’s NRG and had a go around the car park of that park in edgware which was just behind my house!). I’m currently at Uni in Lufbra iand I blame my choice of university for getting me too addicted into biking. In span of 4 years, I’ve managed to go through 4 bikes:

  • the XR125 I had during my freshers year

Which soon got traded for…

…a stupidly rare ZXR250, which subsequently got thrown down the road due to my immaturity and the need to get my knee down on a roundabout that was conveniently situated outside a quarry! Being 17, you tend to do stupid things. So after a respray and refettle to get the suspension sorted and a bit more respect to my abilities, I transformed her into this

Poor shot because it was taken on a very brisky december night

It was by far the most fun I had on a bike, and it was very rewarding keeping up with my mates on thous and 600’s in the twisties. It told me a LOT about cornering and more importantly, reading the road. Due to the limited engine capacity and power, i had to make the most out of what I had; so forward planning was crucial. Unfortunately, an ultra rare (for the UK) 18,000 rpm redline engine does have its issues in that spares are hard to come by. A host of electrical gremlins started emerging, so it was time to cut my losses and say goodbye… and hello to

Yeah, i look like the happy shopper!

My ZX6R F2. Nowhere near as fun as the 250, but was a reliable steed and had an induction roar to die for. It was probably not the smartest thing to be hooning about on at 19, but the apprenticeship on the 250 told me a lot about IL4 power delivery and handling a sportsbike. It took me 2 months to get used to the extra weight, but eventually I grew to love it; muscling it everywhere. But then, disaster struck again - Lowsided the bike on a wet and oily corner exit in Scotland and pretty much wrote the bike off… Boblbee backpack dug into the road, not only protecting my back but prevented me from going underneath a flatbed! The bike carried on and hit a car! It was classed as my fault and as a result, I lost my 3 years NCB! Bugger!

I wanted to get the bike into a state I wanted it - so after fairings, new engine (long story, but I had a hole in my airbox which caused lots of fine dust from the spraybooth to leak into the engine and literally score the barrels!), updated lights (HID’s and LED’s) and a whole host of assorted upgrades (hagon shock - old one perished, swona full TI exhaust), the bike ended up like this:

Deja Vu? Yes, 2 red kawasaki ninjas lowsided, although the first one was due to idiocy, the second one was due to weather conditions and poor luck. It was fun doing up poorly ridden GSXR 750/1000 K6+ riders on scottish roads on a 13 year old bike. It became VERY rewarding to ride.

Feeling the recession, and having been accepted for a graduate job, I decided to test the water and put my bike for sale. By this point it had owed me £2k! But karma works in wonderful ways when the bike sold for full asking price! £1200, considering i bought it for the same price back in 2007!

With that money and student loan burning a hole in my pocket, I was on the hunt for a ZX9R E or CBR929; it was just a case of where and when and what condition! I felt i had gained enough respect for the road and my riding skills to warrant a thou and upon realising that my requirements of a bike had changed, I decided to take the next step.

I managed to find a CBR929 RR1 based up in Bridlington, Yorkshire. 13,000 miles, full service, tasteful mods in the form of a rear hugger and renntec grabrail as well as a single seat cowl. I didn’t care that it was a CAT C, since i intend on keeping this bike for at least another 2-3 years, by which point it wouldn’t depreciate any more; besides, I knew my Ninja would have been a CAT C if i decided to claim off the 3rd party’s insurance. A quick phone call and a few insurance quotes and the bike was mine. £2400 notes sent off to the dealer and I’m now the proud owner of this.

Other than the HID’s, LED clear rear lens, flushmount front LEDs and original mods that came with it, it’s going to be kept relatively stock. I’d happily take a race can if I can get one off ebay for less than 60 quid, but ideally, I’d want a bike that’s comfortable for long distances, so stock can will make me enjoy the honda whine more. That said, I just had dunlop roadsmarts put on her so that i can have something to compare it to. My 6R ran blissfully with roadsmarts and even with 4000 miles underneath them, they looked as fresh as new. On the blade, they allow for very good feedback and grip even on the damp and cold roads of leicestershire (most of them are mud filled due to farming machinery), but compliant nonetheless. I can see myself doing a few trackdays on it in the near future, and due to the usability and power of the machine, I’d definitely want to be doing ROSPA or IAM to convince myself that:

a) I can handle the bike and
b) I can use the bike with respect and consideration to the road and traffic conditions

It’s too easy to come out of a corner doing 80+ mph on this thing and pinging it to 130ish! (not that I’ve tried or condone such a thing) But nevertheless, here’s some more photowhoring.

But it’s kickass being a final year engineering student with a superbike!

I’m quite often found lurking on bikechatforums and mcnninja so holla at me. I’m often back down in NW london when it’s not term-time, so if anybody wants to go for a “sensible” ride, gimme a buzz and i’ll be more than happy to join.

Looking forwards to many happy years on the 929. 4 Red bikes in a matter of 4 years

Keep it safe


welcome to lb m8:)

nice read and cool bikes:cool: like the 250 ninja:smooooth:

Welcome to LB fella - no fence to anyone else (myself included!) but good to see a nice bike history as an intro! (Think I just said Hi :D)

How’d you do that ‘black’n’white background / colour bike’ business? Looks the mutts nuts :smiley:

welcome fella, im a north londoner so give us a shout when you’re around :smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi and welcome:)

Using photoshop and layers, it’s fairly easy when you know how…I think you create a new layer, select what you want in colour then cut that out of the layer. Make the top layer black and white and you can see the colour through the ‘hole’ in it.

Anyway welcome, awesome bikes - I guess you have access to a real life paint shop?!

hello and welcome mate, now dont be shy tell us a bit about yourself :D:D

Damn it- I thought I was going to see some titz opening this thread! :angry:

No worries, welcome to LB - nice opening thread. :smiley:

Hi there and welcome… great intro! :smiley:

Hi there and welcome… great intro! :smiley:

welcome to lb

A very warm welcome matey…:cool:

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hello mate - nice opening post - welcome. :slight_smile:

Cheers for the warm welcome guys… I thought I posted this earlier but it seems that it never happened.

Anyway, are any of you familiar with Metropolis at vauxhall cross. I’m looking for mate that I think hangs about on this forum; Clinton, black dude who rides (or did ride) a blue Gixxer 600 K4/5? I’m trying to find him since it was him who recommended me to LB all those years ago (when i was still on my ZXR250!). Used to work at Hein Gericke in kenton for a while?

Anyway, hope to see you guys at some point over the summer at either Ace/Box Hill or maybe Borough Market?

Take it easy guys


hey titz… can we see your helmet plz? :smiley:

SMF-mofo - hows it’ going Saj… yes you can see my helmet… it’s was a shoei - I now use it for safe sex

There you go, how about that mate! :wink:

bit more expensive then a box of condoms but still cheaper then a kid :w00t: