Hiya All...Just Found Out I'm Meant to Say Hello Here.lol

Hi everybody!

Joined this forum last Friday after meeting some of you the previous Sunday. Only just saw the “requirement” to say hello here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently I’m meant to attach a photo of my bike, so here it is…a red ZX6R. It’s my first bike, been riding for two years, and quite fancy “upgrading” to an RSV Mille (although I might change my mind by then!!!).

Might meet some of you (again?) this Wednesday in Waterloo.

welcome to LB, your ride looks nice hopr to see you at cubana or the ace sometime

Ride safe out there

welcome to the site dude,nice bike

Hi and welcome to the LBs, maybe see you at the next newbies meet at the Ace

Hey there, welcome Nice ride, and a Mille would be even nicer, I’m sure See you at Cubana!

poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches

…oh and Welcome to LB

Hi there

Welcome to LB!

poke poke with the newbie stick



Thanks for the welcome, everyone…you seem a friendly bunch.

hi dude and welcome to L B.

Welcome and nice bike

Hi Ian, I think we met on the Dunsatble ride-out???

Hi Samantha, Green’s the colour, but I ended up with a red one.lol

Hey I like red as well,its sexy

Samantha, in that case, I’ll stick with red.

Welcome to LB matey, have myself on of those ZX6R’s but the green version!

Hope to see you on a rideout or at the Cubana or Ace. See ya on the road soon.

Welcome, ahem, you look kinda interesting?

Andrea, do I detect a hint oh sarcasm???

me, nothing could be further from the truth! Humour bypassed me .

Oh sooooooooo sweet n innocent.

Welcome to LB!

And the words I think your looking for Andrea are ‘Unique’!

See ya about soon (oh, and green and red are both nice but…I LIKE PINK!! )