Hive - any good?

Hiya all

I need some advice.

I’m getting a new boiler and Br Gas have suggested I need Hive to turn the heating on and off by my smartphone. I never do this now and don’t believe I will in future.

It feels like a gimmick to me but am I missing something?

Does anyone use it already? Views gratefully received.

I personally can’t see the point
I have my heating on a multi Programme timer it’s all set to suit the times I need the heating to work on a set day over 7 days
There is no benefit for me to need to turn my heating on from work when the timer will turn it on at the time I set into it.

My in laws have it. It all depends. Hive controls more than heating (lights and other things) but of course you will need to buy the things that go with it (I.e. bulbs). It’s a smart looking as well as smart tech thermostat and is useful if you don’t have heating on at set times.

For example we like having it on all the time at a set temperature and then like to turn it up at certain times. Or useful.if you want to turn heating on after a two week holiday so you come back to warm house.

Ultimately, how do you use your heating now? If you never touch it, you probably don’t need it. If you are constantly turning it off and on and changing the temp, it will be pretty good.

I never found the lights of any use because it’s easier in our rooms to just use the switches…

Hive is made by British Gas so they’ll want you to buy it.

We use Nest thermostats which offers the same functionality. We love it, really nice being able to easily control the schedule, adjust it, control the heat when we’re away from the house, i.e. set it to holiday mode, coming home and cold, turn it on in advance so it’s warm when you get home, etc.

Can help lower bills as well as it more intelligently heats the house (or not as the case may require).

I’ve just had a boiler fitted and found it so handy with the Hive thermostat. It’s very easy to use on the phone but it also has a manually operated dial so you have the best of both worlds.

I have hive for my lights. I got it for free a while ago on some deal from British Gas. I use it al the time, I have a sensor in the hallway that turns the light on when coming home etc. And can turn the light off when in bed. It also has a timer function to switch on so it helps to wake me. No need for a bedside lamp. I think it’s definitely worth it.

It costs about £250 and allows u to turn your heating on from your phone, as opposed to pressing a button.

Would you pay £250 for a tv remote? If not, then why waste your money. If you would, let me sell you a remote for half that :joy:

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If he’s paying British Gas prices he’s obviously not worried about wasting £250.00


There is also an annual subscription to factor in to the cost. Can’t really see the point myself.

Annual subscription is for CCTV cameras if you want to keep video recordings. I’ve got Hive installed and use it for heating and lights and don’t pay any subscriptions.

Also it does not cost £250 like someone mentioned, it’s £135 in Screwfix for heating thermostat and hub at the moment and possibly you can find even better deals online.


We have the Nest thermostat, as well as a Nest camera. I love we don’t even need to set a schedule. It turns the heating off (and camera on) when we’re both out and turns the heating back on (and camera off) when one of us gets home.

Last week I actually remembered to turn the heating on as I left work too. That was nice :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys.

I had a recommended private firm quote for the same boiler job and they were 20% cheaper so you’re right, British Gas are expensive.

I’ve concluded the Hive remote heating control option isn’t necessary for me but it has got me hooked on the security cameras option. Does anybody use them? Which do you rate? Currently I’m looking at the latest Nest cameras and think I’ll go for them unless you wise folk tell me something else. Views?

My in laws have ring doorbell camera, seems good even if the TV advert is annoying as f…

Tell it like it is mate! That’s why I love you BL :+1:

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Do they make you paranoid? I’ve though about getting them but I worry about becoming obsessed with the footage or worse posting it on YouTube.

For you Ring door bell users…

Alot more “ring” type doors bells out now, Ring was first to market, so like nextbase car cams, there are other options but most well known.

I’ve got a hikvision CCTV system on the house, and I can get a hikvision camera door bell, not only acts like the ring door bell but will actually tie in to the CCTV as well and records as a camera would (if you want to go all fancy that is).