Hit by a van - what damage is done?

I was coming into work this morning, halfway through the Blackwall Tunnel and a VW Transport van hit the back of me.

I don’t know what the driver was doing but he went right into the back of me and must of caught onto my exhaust as the back of my bike was dragged down and started spinning the back of my bike round. I accelerated and came off at the first exit but the driver carried on and didn’t stop! Luckily it was a company van and I’ve spoken to the company, police and my insurance.

I can only see visible damage to the exhaust but that is attached to the sub frame and am wondering what, if any, damage this knob might have done to my bike (1999 GSX600F). Worse fear is that he’s twisted/damaged the frame.

Any ideas?

Sorry to that dude, the [email protected] in the van probably didnt think he had done anything… hope they catch the bugger!

As for frame bending, it would only be the sub-frame anyways, which isnt integral to the bike as such (not entirely sure for your bike, but doubt it). Check the exhaust bracket for distortion, and any kinks in the exhaust downpipes, and any plastic that doesnt look straight…

Main frame will be fine I reckon…