hit and run :(

Got taken out on a roundabout on sunday night. i went around this roundabout a couple times to allow my friend who was tailing to catch up, bearing in mind its midnight so roads where quiet, a car enters the roundabout at high speed adjacent to me, cuts across infront of my path, squeezing me between the roundabout curb (centre) and her car, i braked hard lockd the front then released it, she then hits my front wheel with her rear right hand side wing. which threw me and the bike to the ground, both ending up hitting the curb on initial impact and then i was stuck half under the bike. the female driver of the dark blue VW passat drove off without hesitation and left me stuck under the bike.

i managed to drag my self from under the bike, got it up off the ground and went to start her up, instinctively wanting to chase the car as i hadnt managed to clock her number plate. unfortunately the bike wouldnt start after 6 attempts. i left the bike to one side and rang a few ppl for help to get a few local bikers out to search for the car and called the fam to come and give me a hand.

after about 7 mins the bike startd and revd its nuts off in neutral as i the throttle housing on the handlebar had smashed :frowning: within 10 mins i had couple bikes out hunting for this car and there was no sign of it.

called the rac had to pay 107 which also gave me a year breakdown cover to come and take the bike a cuple miles back to my house. had to do this as my breakdown expired a month prior :frowning: my own fault i guess. should have sorted it out sooner.

well now all i have are a few witnesses, vehicle and driver description. no reg and a damaged bike. throttle housing is broken, as is headlight mounts, front cowl, right fairing and a few other bits n bobs. this is a 2005 zx636 in titanium so if anyone has any bits please p.m me it would be much appreciated i will copy this into the sale and wanted section also. in all im not very happy as im sure you can imagine and im young so im on third party fire and theft, so will have to fix it out my own pocket :frowning: wrong place and the wrong time and near people with complete disregard for human life, luckily i walked away from it, but i may not have.

plz excuse any spelling or grammer mistakes, im very tired.

That sucks.
Did you get any response from Police? There may be cameras around somewhere?

i have reported it and it is being forwarded to traffic division who im to contact on monday :S or hear from them prior in receiving some information. i think their is cctv in the local area so the vehicle may be seen on the approach and exit of the incident and then use witness statements. but nothing is for certain.

:w00t: Thats dreadful sorry to hear about it. Glad your ok though. You was very lucky not to be hurt, but im sure you don’t need me to tell you that. Hope someone can offer you some advise on new parts.

sorry to hear that ,
thats really **** :frowning:

Thats terrible! Lucky you weren’t injured. Fingers crossed they will get her. “Blind” drivers are such a worry.

What an awful experience - here’s hoping they find her.

I hope you weren’t hurt.

Not good - hope she gets found, one way or the other…

Really sorry to hear that mate, a real bad one. The driver probably panicked and carried on, more likely no insurance/had a few drinks or both…

YOu need to get in contact with the MIB (not men in black :wink: motor Insurance bureau I think) they allow you to claim against hit and runs/uninsured but it will take about a year or so to get anything out of them, but the will more than likely help.

WOuld be worth to get some pictures that prove you were hit, any marks on your wheels from her bodywork, any of her bodywork on the ground,etc?

Got to agree with Elad… gutted for you, not a nice experiance I’m sure… I hope the bizzies come up trumps with the CCTV and find the bastard!

fingers cross with the cctv!

as it has been said before, check to see if there are any CCTV cameras. Sorry about that mate that really sucks. Karma will do its work don’t you worry…

thanks for the replies, i have been intouch with MIB and they are sending me out a info pack to fill out. i can get pics of my bike and the skidmark on the road, it hasnt rained much so should still be there. as for the car i couldnt find any bits :frowning: so im hoping witness statements will be enough.

Another voice of sympathy for what’s happened to you. I really do hope it works out and they find the driver – sounds like a drink and a panic to me.

If she is even halfway decent she’s going to be worrying about what she did to you. I wonder whether you can persuade the police to put up an accident board and see if she responds? A long-shot but if it was drink they won’t be able to prove it now so she may be more inclined to hand herself in. (Or am I merely placing my ‘decent human being’ credentials onto someone that won’t have any?)

you may just be doing that. the police have a report from myself for the time and date and location. if the driver of the car also reports the incident i would hope 2 and 2 would be put together (by the police) and something can be done about it. am still waiting for traffic division to get back to me.

Its a sad part of todays ways Im afraid, so many people dont have insurance or are not road legal and as soon as something happens they feel the need to jet off. The nicest caring people who would stop to make sure your ok and exchange details turn into evasive hit and runner in the event of something happening.

Truth is nothing will come of it, the police have so many of these cases that they are snowed over with em and thats just sh**, so sorry and glad to hear your not hurt, thats the main thing fella!

that’s awful! hope you’re ok. this is a fear I have that something like this would happen to me.

What a fecking beeeyatch! OMG the nerve of some arsebags in this bleedin capital!

Well mate glad you aint hurt sorry to hear this I hope i hope i hope it comes good for you :frowning:


Sorry to hear about that mate that is totally sh*t. Good that you’re still in one piece though ;).

got an invoice from kawi for the parts needed, what can be seen is £2848 :frowning: gotta fix it myself so will be tough but gonna have to drive that price down.